Services and classes in a warm, family environment. Be a part of it!

All Jews are welcome regardless of background, knowledge, or level of observance.

Chabad of Delray Beach is a place for everyone!

Our traditional prayer services are held in Hebrew with additional guidance in English from our Rabbi. We offer prayer books in Hebrew and English making the service accessible for all. Congregants are encouraged to pray in the language they understand best.

Shabbat morning services are followed by a delicious homemade kiddush lunch. This is an opportune time to spend with family and friends in a relaxed, enjoyable and spiritual atmosphere. Anyone can take this opportunity to celebrate a personal simcha at this Shabbat kiddush. To honor a birthday, birth of a Newborn, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or honor the memory of a loved one on their Yarzeit.

We have classes for men, woman and teens throughout the week.We welcome you to our shul: a house of prayer, a house of study and definitely a place to find your Jewish soul. Come and join the Chabad of Delray Beach Family

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Upcoming events
Mar. 22, 2023
Check with the Rabbi weekly on the status of our Daily Minyan
text for quickest results 561-843-6518
Mar. 23, 2023
Mar. 24, 2023
Check with the rabbi on the status of the Friday night Minyan, it changes week to week
for quickest response text 561-843-6518
Mar. 25, 2023
Come Join us this Shabbat for warm and friendly Services, Torah Talk, no experience neccessary
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