Can we Count on YOU? 
Chabad is committed to strengthening Jewish identity, unity and commitment.  We cannot do this alone.  We count on support from people known for their benevolence, sincerity and sensitivity to the needs of all mankind.   Thank you for being our partner!  

Who We Serve 
The Chabad of Delray Beach is dedicated to providing every Jew regardless of background, philosophy or level of commitment, an open door environment for strengthening and enhancing Jewish family life.  Chabad serves individuals and  families looking for an anchor and non-judgmental, accepting, personalized Jewish experience.

Chabad offers Judaism with a smile, and a home away from home for everyone who walks through its doors. 


The Chabad of Delray Beach is a 501(c)3 charity and all contributions to it are tax deductible.  All online contributions will be acknowledged within 48 hours.

Chabad of Delray Beach of serves the religious and the non-observant, the affiliated and non-affiliated, young and old and all in between. We reach out to all who are in need and assist those with their financial and emotional needs as well as serve the community at large by offering programs and classes for all ages. In the Chabad of Delray Beach, everyone has a place and feels welcome.  Every individual, and every penny counts. Here are some of the ways you can contribute to the Chabad of Delray Beach:


here to donate now with our online donation form.

Chabad of Delray Beach has many ways for you to dedicate an item in our synagogue in honor of your loved one.
A great investment for your advertising dollars!  Our website attracts local as well as regional audiences interested in services and opportunities.  Contact us
Chabad accepts donations of cars, in fair or good condition. Contact us to make arrangements and get more information.
We accept gifts of PC's, office equipment, services and the like. Please contact us at  [email protected]to discuss your proposed gift of equipment / merchandise. Click here to ask about our wishlist.
We have printed special donor cards, so that one may  make a donation to the Chabad Center in honor of a special event or in memory of a deceased person. Click here for more information.
Honor your loved ones by placing their name on a memorial plaque ensuring their everlasting memory.  Click here to fill out the memorial wall request form.

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