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Discover your roots through Torah Study classes in a wide range of topics.
Timeless Wisdom for Today's World

The cornerstone of Chabad-Lubavitch philosopy is our focus on education and learning for men, women and children; regardless of affiliation of background. By exploring the timeless insights of the Torah through the lens of modern life, we gain insights into how to strengthen ourselves, our families, and our communitiy.
Chabad's open-door, non-judgemental approach to adult education means that everyone will find something for them, here.
We offer the Rohr JLI course program, women's learning, weekly Talmud, online study and exciting guest lecutres as some of our key opportunities for adult learning. Please join us on our continuing journey through Judaism, and feel free to  contact us with any questions.
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Apr. 25, 2018
Lesson One
Is the World Real?

Everything that we experience, we experience inside our heads, leading to the intriguing question: Maybe there is no existence outside of our minds? ...
May. 02, 2018
Lesson Two
Is Time Travel Possible?

Is time the engine that drives the whole of existence, or is it just a product of our subjective experience? If the future is impenetrable, the ...
May. 09, 2018
Lesson Three
Why does evil exist?

Why do bad things happen to good people? The question has been asked—and answered—for thousands of years. But even if we understood the purpose of ...
May. 16, 2018
Lesson Four
Who is G-d?

What are we talking about when we talk about G-d? Is “G-d” just a word we use when we can’t explain something? If G-d cannot be explained or described, does ...
May. 23, 2018
Lesson Five
What is consciousness?

All injustice and strife, and even personal unhappiness, can be traced to selfishness. Yet self-esteem is essential for a healthy psyche and a ...